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Created to support smaller and medium sized businesses



Cirrostratus, which is a type of cloud, was founded by John Hemming in order to provide advanced software for smaller businesses. (SMEs) The newer technologies that are available can be used by businesses with an account on the Exedra Universal Communications Server.

John Hemming

John Hemming started in business creating John Hemming & Co. (JHC), a software house, in 1983 - two years after he graduated from Magdalen College, Oxford, with a degree specialising in Atomic, Theoretical and Nuclear Physics. In the mid 1990s he launched a number of firsts on the internet. Having been a Birmingham City Councillor since 1990, he became the Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council in 2004, and Member of Parliament for Birmingham, Yardley from 2005-2015. During his time as a full time politician he stepped back from an executive role in JHC, but continued to chair the main board of JHC Systems Ltd until it was taken over by FNZ in 2019. He created Cirrostratus as a startup to enable smaller and medium sized companies to take full advantage of recent technology.

Exedra - a universal communications server

Exedra, which is the greek word for platform, is a server designed and substantially written by John Hemming (although it also involves quite a bit of open source software). It is a universal communications server that integrates a wide range of communications channels, web, SMS, email, phone calls, video calls, chat and telegram messages inter alia. This is also linked into advanced AI for voice recognition and analysis. It is the integration of multiple communication channels into a single server system that enables organisations to have efficient support for their activities.

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