How to do MTD (Making Tax Digital) without upgrading your computer system

English | Cymraeg | Gàidhlig | Gaeilge | login | for help email: help@vat.directSo far we have not found a computer system which cannot be used to create digital links. However, one would expect that not all computer systems are capable of exporting data and hence this will not apply to every system. MTD requires "digital links". That basically means that information should not be retyped (or manually copied using cut and paste). Hence if you have a computer system that already stores the electronic VAT information all you need is to be able to export that information so that it can be read by a spreadsheet.

The standard way of exporting data is using a comma separated variables file. The difficulty with those files, however, is that they are in all sorts of different structures. Hence you need then to find a way of making it clear what each pieces of information so that bridging software like Cirrostratus Exedra can understand what information should go into which box. We recommend doing this using a spreadsheet on on the Cirrostratus YouTube channel we provide a video which explains this.

On our digital links page we provide examples of mapping spreadsheets in Excel and Open Office that can be used to map information from a CSV file into a format that can be understood by bridging software.

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