Create a new web service (with a new domain name) for a new client

This page works best with Chrome. It has worked with Edge and Firefox, but we recommend Chrome. It can also take some time to process when you tab between fields. Like a swan it may appear graceful and as if it is not doing much, but the server is furiously paddling below the surface to open your account. Hence it will probably take a few seconds to respond with a tick or a cross between fields. The validation can also get a bit picky sometimes and if you get stuck just reload the page.

Your external email is the username.

Email (external):

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Password: Best to use a pass phrase. It is not stored in the database. A "message digest" is stored instead. You can if you wish use numbers or special characters. You can also use emojis. However, you cannot use '/' or '\'For example: mike😀⚖⚽ ☯ is a valid password (please use a different one)

click here to see the password
Domain Name:

This will be the server name that you use, it will also give the domain if you use the virtual office for email, SIP or XMPP

For things to work it needs to be something like or

When you move the cursor out of this field (with tab or something) the browser will log into your new virtual office website (as long as all the answers you have given above work)

If it does not log you in you can try logging in manually to (remember to change yourcompany to whatever you have used as your website name

Important:If when you have put all the information in it does not automatically log you into your account simply try logging in (See at the top of the page for the option) This can happen with popup blockers. The video below explains how account opening works.